Tickets for the balfolk are sold out ! We keep few tickets to sell on Saturday : join us early if you’re interested in !

Beginner dance workshop in the afternoon

Beginner workshop : 5pm to 6:30pm (5/3€) to learn the basic steps to the most common balfolk dances.


Balfolk & jam, from 7pm to midnight (12/10€)

  • Accordzéâm

On stage, the musicians of Accordzéâm jump, turn, and… dance! What could be more normal? A real dance of passions mixing complicit, facetious looks… and even headbang.

Concerned about the relationship to dance, they feed on the traditional repertoire.
Creative, they express in the compositions their respective influences.
Facetiously, they adapt international hits… have you ever danced a circassian circle on Star Wars music?

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  • Le Faune

Disturb your ears, disturb your kneecaps.
The bellows full of chromatisms, the faun unravels its melodies.
Mix his rebellious fingers, stretching with strappy notes.
The accordion bleats, the little man grinds the jingle
The soles are getting in the way!

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  • Jam (0-1am)

Don’t forget your musical instrument!

Food and Drink

Light snacks and drinks will be available from 6:30pm until the end of the ball ; a detailed menu will be communicated a few days prior to the event.

Food: more information soon

Drinks: sodas, organic & local fruit juices, syrups, hot drinks.

We’ll also have homemade iced tee and fruits, at open price.


The workshops and ball will take place at salle Delavaud, Maison de quartier de Porchefontaine, 86 rue Yves Le Coz, in Versailles

Access through public transport : RER C, Bus 171 (Porchefontaine stop).

By car : Access to the parking lot at 20 rue Coste, 78000 Versailles. Parking is free after èpm

How about carsharing? Click here to access the balfolk specific free carshare website.

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