Before February, 27th, book your tickets for the balfolk and workshop on February, 29th with the secure form below.

Tickets are sold at open price with minimum fares, and you choose the price of your entry price. Why ? We really want to pay the artists for their work, but we also know that 10€ might already be expansive for some of you, whereas others would be able to support us and support the artists by giving more. For more information, you can read this page (in french, for now …), describing the costs connected with the organization of a balfolk.
About the dance workshops : there is no need to book for children under 10, and their admission will be free.

If you’d like to be a volunteer during one of our events, please contact us, or even better : you can subscribe to our newsletter, indicating you want be a volunteer during our next balfolks.

If you plan to come by car, or if you are looking for a way to join us, please use our free carsharing service.

one last thing : the company who offer the ticketing service below can exist only thanks to donations. At the last step of the booking, you will be asked for a donation to it : you can change or remove it. For your information, professional ticketing services collect 0,50 à 1,00€ per ticket purchased.
It’s not essential to print these tickets : we’ll have the listing at the entrance of the workshops and the bal.

As for every shows, tickets can’t be exchanged or reimbursed. However, you are allowed to resell it to someone else.

Presales are now closed, but there’s still tickets to sell on Sunday, as well for the workshops and the ball.